Recording Data from "Douglas Payne's Site"

Shirley Scott
Prestige PR7392
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: June 23, 1960

Shirley Scott (org); Lem Winchester (vib); George Duvivier (g); Arthur Edgehill (d).

2326 Like Young
2327 Sonnymoon For Two
2328 On Green Dolphin Street [also on Prestige 45-437]
2329 Blues For Tyrone [also on Prestige 45-437]
2330 The More I See You
2331 Get Me To The Church On Time [also on Prestige ST8315]
2332 Now's the Time [on Prestige PR7440, not on PR7392]

Note: Prestige PR7440 is titled NOW'S THE TIME (see May 27, 1958, October 23, 1958, August 22, 1961, and March 31, 1964, for other titles). Prestige ST8315 is a various-artists compilation titled MY FAIR LADY.


Additional Data by Tsuyoshi

The photo above is the sleeve of the 12" vinyl released from Prestige in 1972.
This version has a green center label and "VAN GELDER" mark.

A: On Green Dolphin Street
Blues For Tyrone
Sonnymoon For Two
B: Like Young
The More I See You
Get Me To The Church On Time


Linernotes by Tsuyoshi (Japanese)

ヴィブラフォン奏者Lem Winchesterを加えたクァルテット. 一緒に歌いたくなるような軽快な演奏.「マイ・フェア・レディ」で親父っさんが歌ってた "Get Me To The Church On Time"が特に楽しい.

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