JIMI HENDRIX ジミヘンドリックス

A few years ago...

bellbottom jean was a kind of joke. Nowadays,here in Japan,kids in town are in '60's,'70's taste, long hair,wow wow guitar,psychedelic T-shirts. I watched "Blow Up" by Michelangelo Antonioni on TV last month. Clothes of people in the movie made 30 years ago are like ours. This is strange feeling.

Things are different between 1967 and 1997,London,NY and Fukuoka.
In this Buddhism island,with no war,no religion,no peace,no love, 2 children and 1 teenager were killed,1 teenager was kidnapped, 50 people were injured by someone on bike in this 5 months.
I don't know whether this body count is too many or not.
I'm listening Jimi and thinking about what he says...

And I'm afraid of rivival of "Saturday Night Fever"(AGGGGGG...)

I hope new generation experience Jimi's music. And I want to know what you think about his music,happiness,sadness and these of ours.

On this page,you can get info about WWW sites,and various media available in Japan.